The possibilities are endless. Under the Products section on this site you will find some examples of tasks performed and products that can be ordered. They range from small penguins to large outdoor fences.

Private commissions

You can come to me with a vague idea in your head or a fully developed sketch in you pocket. We will discus the details and specification of the design. Then you will recieve my price and an indication the time needed for production. If you agree, I will go to work. In the process, I will regularly feedback to you on the progress and mail you a photo if desired . You can always visit the workshop in Woerdense Verlaat by appointment. The finished product can either be delivered or collected at the workshop. If required I install the product.


My work is often part of a larger project. I produce, for example, parts of furniture, screens, light fixtures, or suspensions commissioned by an architect, designer, furniture maker, or artist. Or a company might need a customized solution and commissions me. But just as often I make something special, for example, a business anniversary, a closed deal or a promotional gift. In any case, whatever you want, we can work it out. Years of experience assure you a unique and high-quality product while the in-house production process gives you competitive pricing.