Exterior Benches

By nature inspired benches by Dutch metaldesigner Arthur Dreissen.

These are steel, galvanised and powdercoated benches with mapleleaf and frog themes cut out in the sheetmetal seat and backrest.
The computer controlled cutting technique allow for a variety of themes and options to personalize these seats.

The paperclip theme is a design aimed for the office and corporate market with company names and logos welcoming the visitor at the office entrance, hallway or any location of choice inside or outside. Although, almost entirely, made out of sheetmetal sitting is quite comfortable thanks to the curving of the seat; adding to its rigidity at the same time.

These Mapleleaf an Frog theme seats will be a cheerful addition to your garden. Its seat and backrest are made out of a motif of my own design, giving the bench a lightweight and transparent apperance.

The Mapleleaf and Frog benches have a width of 125 cm (50 inches) and is available in 4 colours: brown, navy blue, off-white and green.
All benches made to order and are send within the EU only.









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