Brazier Fuego Hex

Vuurkorf 6-hoekig

The Brazier Fuego Hex will spread light and warmth any time of
the year. It is equipped with a hexagonal basket with flame-shaped
incisions, to improve the intake of air and the visibility of the fire.
There is also a false bottom which enhances the fire’s lifespan and
prevents larger logs from falling through.

The brazier is the perfect gift for all Do-It-Yourself fans. An
assembly kit can be ordered by mail and easily be put together at
home, the only necessary equipment being a hammer. All other
necessary items are included in the kit.

Those who would rather delegate the construction of the brazier to
a professional can pick it up pre-assembled at my shop in the
Woerdense Verlaat (municipality Nieuwkoop, ZH).

A pre-assembled Fuego Hex costs €129,- including taxes, while
an extra €12,50,- is charged for the shipment of the assembly kit
within the Netherlands. For inquiries concerning shipment of the
assembly kit abroad please contact me.


Vuurkorf 6-hoekig

Vuurkort 6-hoekig
The poker simultaneously functions as a handlebar when
moving the brazier.


Vuurkort 6-hoekig
In due time no two braziers will be the same! Exposure
to outdoor conditions changes the steel to a red-brown
colour while the heat of the fire further individualizes it.
And at the end of its lifespan the Fuego Hex is fully
compostable; a nice attribute of untreated steel.

Vuurkorf logo
Upon request a (company) logo can replace the
flame-shaped holes. The example above is an
illustration and is not for sale. Not all logo’s are
possible due to constructional impossibilities.
Sent your request and I will analyze its feasibility.


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