About Arthur Dreissen

Metal is my medium! If life consists of growth and overcoming resistances, then my challenge is to give form to this unruly matter. The possibilities to benefit from the strength of steel, especially in art, fascinate me, and the richness of natural froms inspire me.
In between commissions I also like to create and sell my own work, and I exhibit it regularly at regional events. In short, at my workshop in the Woerdense Verlaat craft and art are united.

For over 20 years I manufacture furniture and art objects, predominantly of metal. With this material, and often in combination with glass, wood, or plastic, so much is possible, for instance indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, cabinets, presentation objects, art, monuments, fences, and gates. Several years ago I expanded my field of work with traditional blacksmithing. After a workshop in a Dutch forge I furthered this skill in my own smithy and later supplemented it with courses in England and Germany by Master Blacksmith Uri Hofi .Where most of today’s products are serie or mass-produced, hand-forged products are a unicum.  The only limitations to the possibilities are your ideas and wishes. On top of that I have a computer controlled cutting table available which allows me to translate free form designs into metal parts.